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Young people have high credit card debt

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2019 | Chapter 7 |

Student loan debt among the Millenial generation gets a lot of attention for a good reason, but what gets less attention is the high amount of credit card debt accumulated by this same group. According to a survey conducted by CompareCards, only 13 percent of younger credit cardholders in Tennessee and other states say they are completely debt-free. They also say that this credit card debt is more of a financial burden than their student loans.

While about 36% of Millenials reported having student loan debt, more than two of three said that they had credit card debt. Among this group, the average person expects to be debt-free by the age of 49. Gen Xers with outstanding debt expect to be out of debt by age 67 on average. With younger generations juggling so many different types of debt, it’s no mystery why nearly one in four say they will die with debts.

According to some financial experts, Millenials should not view debt as a financial death sentence. Despair about the problem may only make it worse while a proactive approach to paying debts off can resolve the issue sooner than most realize. Those in debt many different tools available to help relieve the burden, including some important legal remedies.

People who are completely overwhelmed with credit card debt or other types of payments may find that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is their best option for debt relief. The first step is to speak with a bankruptcy attorney who can examine their financial situation and determine whether or not they are eligible. Next, an attorney might help their client file the necessary court documents, negotiate with creditors, and advocate on their behalf in front of a judge. Student loan debt is difficult to discharge, but some individuals do qualify to have these debts discharged in bankruptcy.

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