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February 2017 Archives

Bankruptcy: It worked for President Trump. It could help you, too.

Many Americans have strong feelings, positive and negative, about our new president and his financial history. Some are impressed, even dazzled, by his many eponymous businesses and displays of apparent personal wealth. Others are skeptical about President Trump's tax returns and his history of business bankruptcy filings.

Americans owe more than $1 trillion to credit card companies

Unmanageable levels of revolving debt are a serious problem for a growing number of families in Tennessee and around the country, and the amount Americans owe to credit card companies now exceeds $1 trillion. Some financial analysts say that rising credit card debt is a sign that the economy is growing and consumers are feeling more optimistic about the future, but others point out that many families are turning to credit cards to make ends meet because wage growth over the last 10 years has failed to match increases in the cost of living.

Potential effects of bankruptcy on car loans

When financial woes overwhelm Tennessee residents, car loans might be among the first bills to go unpaid. Sometimes people choose to return the vehicle, or the lender repossesses it. No matter which action occurs, the consumer remains responsible for the unsatisfied portion of the debt. It is doubtful that the borrower could afford to pay it, but a bankruptcy filing could be one way to deal with the remaining loan deficiency.

Millennials and debt

There are certain steps Tennessee millennials can take to get out of debt. Having a firm grasp of one's finances and alleviating debt is essential to being able to being financially successful in the future. Millennials should be aware of exactly what debts they owe and what they are paying. A comprehensive list of all of one's debts should be created and should include auto loans, credit card balances, mortgages, student loans and other obligations.

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