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Millennials and debt

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2017 | Chapter 13 |

There are certain steps Tennessee millennials can take to get out of debt. Having a firm grasp of one’s finances and alleviating debt is essential to being able to being financially successful in the future. Millennials should be aware of exactly what debts they owe and what they are paying. A comprehensive list of all of one’s debts should be created and should include auto loans, credit card balances, mortgages, student loans and other obligations.

After creating a budget and determining how much can be paid towards the debt every month, individuals should focus on organization. This entails setting aside time to organize bills and payment methods. Participating in automatic payments can eliminate missed or late payments, which often results in the assessment of fees and penalties. Millennials may also want to consider using electronic delivery for bill statements, making sure that all bills are issued to the same email address.

Paying off student loans should be a priority for millennials, more of whom have attended higher education than any generation before. Lenders should be contacted if the full loan payment amount cannot be made as there may be payment plan options available.

Understanding the limitations of debit cards is also key. The cards withdraw money directly from the owner’s bank account, allow some vendors to place holds on the balance until a purchase has cleared and do not provide the same protections as credit cards if the account information has been stolen.

Individuals who have substantial debt may consider speaking with a bankruptcy attorney to learn of what type of debt relief solutions are available. The attorney may evaluate a client’s financial situation and advise which ones may be appropriate for the client’s circumstances.

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