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Serving all of Middle Tennessee’s Bankruptcy Needs

Consumer debt totals higher than ever

Tennessee residents may be surprised to learn that Americans are now carrying a total consumer debt load of $12.8 trillion. That figure is a new record high, and it tops the $12.7 trillion in consumer debt carried by Americans in 2008. Auto and student loan debt has...

Consumer debt on the increase

Many individuals and families in Tennessee struggle with their personal finances. in addition to trying to afford necessities, they also may be dealing with large amounts of personal debt. Recent research into the debt loads carried by many Americans show that this...

The importance of paying bankruptcy fees

Tennessee residents who are considering bankruptcy should be aware of the importance of following the rules of the bankruptcy process. While bankruptcy is often a stressful time for those who may be struggling with overwhelming debt, this stress does not absolve the...

How to tell when its time for bankruptcy

Some Tennessee businesses that are failing may benefit from filing for bankruptcy. It is possible that Chapter 11 bankruptcy offers an orderly method for restructuring debt and repaying creditors without having to shutter the company. There are many signs that a...

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