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Serving all of Middle Tennessee’s Bankruptcy Needs

Filing for bankruptcy after identity theft

Identity theft is a risk for people in Tennessee, especially for those who own credit cards and regularly travel in crowded areas. One of the easiest ways for an identity thief to obtain a victim's credit card information is by using a card-skimming device that steals...

Handling old debt

Tennessee residents who are being contacted by debt collectors should be aware of old obligations that are being pursued. This can include forgotten debts as well as debts that are beyond the statute of limitations, had already been resolved or discharged through...

The basics of secured and unsecured debts

Federal bankruptcy laws distinguish between secured debts and unsecured debts, and the distinction can make a big difference for Tennessee residents considering petitioning under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. How a debt is categorized impacts the options the debtor and the...

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