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May 2015 Archives

Can you get rid of student loans with Chapter 7?

Are you facing a lot of student loan debt in Tennessee? Many students are, and you may be looking for a way out. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a type of bankruptcy also known as liquidation that erases debt after assets are sold. So, can you use this to get rid of your student debt?

You don't have to deal with debt alone

Being in debt can take over your life. Every day, you can struggle with unwanted calls from creditors, notices of late bills and a bank account that just never seems to have enough money in it. On top of all this, you can also be dealing with life events like a serious illness, divorce or being unemployed. On some days, you may try to take control of the situation; other days, you may just try to ignore it all.

How is debt repaid in Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy protection is not typically something people do on a whim. Making this decision requires thoughtful consideration, research and a thorough understanding of the types of debt under which a person is buried. There are several different options for bankruptcy, and finding the right one for your individual circumstances can be crucial in achieving your goals of pursuing financial stability.

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