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Consumer debt picks up after sluggish January

Tennessee residents may be using their credit cards more than in the past. According to the Federal Reserve, Americans have accrued $3.79 trillion in consumer debt. That is an increase of $15.2 billion in February according to data from a report it issued on April 7....

Spike in bankruptcies during March and April

Many people in Tennessee and around the country look forward to tax refunds because they allow individuals to make large purchases or pay off significant debts. However, for some, a tax return will allow them to get out of debt by filing for bankruptcy rather than by...

Won’t bankruptcy destroy my credit?!

For many consumers, a good credit score seems life-or-death important, although they're not exactly sure why. Some people will endure incredible financial distress to keep their credit score up, even though they know there's no logical way to keep making all their...

How Chapter 7 can help you save your home

The thought of losing your home to foreclosure: It's a nightmare that you hope will never come true. But if you're behind on your mortgage payments and the bank is threatening foreclosure action, you may be looking desperately for a solution that will get things back...

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