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July 2016 Archives

Creditor alleges it did not receive bankruptcy notice

When Tennessee consumers file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all of their nonexempt assets are liquidated to pay off creditors. At the outset of the process, the creditors receive a notice about the filing. If a creditor does not respond, the debt owed to the creditor is automatically discharged.

Companies that survived bankruptcy - and thrived

Many business owners will put off filing for bankruptcy because they believe bankruptcy is the mark of death to their business. What they do not realize is that the decision to wait to file -- particularly when their business continues to incur debts -- can be the very thing that leads to its dissolution. Choosing to file bankruptcy, on the other hand, might have saved it.

Employers may check for bankruptcy in Tennessee

People who file for bankruptcy may be surprised to discover that their current or potential employers are legally allowed to find out about their filing. Many organizations are now doing background checks on job applicants, and these checks may involve determining if someone has filed for bankruptcy.

Answering your questions about business bankruptcy

You take pride in your business, and for good reason. Yet, like many businesses, you may have hit rough waters. There are times when market circumstances can challenge a business, and there are times when companies make decisions that don't pan out the way they believed they would. You are not the first business to look for relief.

Issues that could ruin a bankruptcy case

Anyone can run into financial difficulties that lead to the consideration of bankruptcy. A Tennessee resident filing for bankruptcy might find it helpful to understand some issues that can crop up during the process that can undermine one's case. Rapper 50 Cent recently faced backlash after filing for bankruptcy because of social media posts that suggested that his financial difficulties were not as severe as alleged.

How a pay raise affects bankruptcy

When Tennessee residents are having trouble paying their bills, there are a few options for debt relief available. Bankruptcy is sometimes the best way to clear debts and begin rebuilding credit. There are two primary types of bankruptcy filing for individuals. Financial changes that happen after the bankruptcy filing may have some effect on the proceedings.

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