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Credit card debt, quicksand and escaping through Chapter 7

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | Chapter 7 |

Credit card debt can feel a lot like quicksand, a volatile blend of sand and water that exists in real life, not just in old TV shows and movies. Quicksand looks harmless on the surface, but once you’ve fallen in, it can be very difficult to get out; asphyxiation, thrombosis, fatigue, heat and dehydration end up killing many victims. As watchers of 1970s television can attest, the panicked struggle to escape makes you sink deeper.

For many consumers with big credit card balances, Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides an excellent escape. If you’re in debt because of a job loss, a divorce, an illness or another serious problem, exploring the benefits of Chapter 7 may be a life-saving move, financially and emotionally.

Drowning in debt

So why choose to drown in credit card balances that keep growing, along with fees and interest rate hikes that suck the life out of you? Some debt-ridden people are so scared of bankruptcy that they are willing to suffer and get into deeper and deeper debt to “save their credit,” preserve their pride or white-knuckle it against impossible odds.

They’re willing to deal with the misery of constant phone calls from rude collectors, with the stress that comes from knowing their payoff cause is hopeless, unless they literally win the lottery. Are you still kicking around in the quicksand?

Get the help you need

Once you’re stuck in quicksand, you probably can’t get out on your own. You may need help from experts with special equipment.

If your credit card debt feels insurmountable, talking to a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney is an important step. Chapter 7 can eradicate your unsecured debt if you qualify.

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