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Gaps in healthcare legislation

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Uncategorized |

As Tennessee, and most states for that matter, seek to improve the health care and insurance costs for its citizens, there are considerable dangers involved.

One of the most common dangers can be seen in Texas – an effort to improve the healthcare costs that left many still vulnerable. Unexpected medical expenses are among the most common causes of serious financial trouble.

The Problem of Healthcare Costs

One of the biggest problems with our current healthcare situation is that it is simply unaffordable to too many people. Even most people with good, middle-class jobs – and even those with work-provided health insurance from reputable providers – find that the cost of some medical care is prohibitively expensive.

The expense is most acute, of course, when it comes to sudden emergency care for issues like injuries and unexpected serious illness. When these costs arise, far too many people find that their insurance does not cover nearly as much as it should.

Legislative Efforts

Although the legislators in most states are working hard to improve the problems of inadequate coverage, the problems in Texas illustrate that too little is being done to help. New laws and programs often fail to truly help the majority of people who are truly in need of help.

Medical expenses can be extremely damaging to the average wage-earner financially. In most cases, sudden medical bills after an accident or illness can leave a family practically destitute, often resulting in bankruptcy and other means to get out of major debt. Considering how important this issue is, the hope is that legislatures in Tennessee and throughout the country will work to create legislation that truly helps people.

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