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Debt, denial and bankruptcy: Johnny Depp’s spending (and yours)

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | Blog |

Most of us would like to have more stuff, enjoy a more luxurious life and take nicer vacations, but there’s one problem: We don’t have enough money to get and do all the things we may want. Living beyond our means, whatever they may be, can lead us into serious financial stress.

Actor Johnny Depp is known to have astonishingly expensive tastes. Despite commanding very high fees — like a reported $20 million for each of several Pirates of the Caribbean film sequels — Depp is known for perennially spending more than he earns. Can the same thing be said about you?

What you may have in common with Johnny Depp

A recent Vanity Fair article describes the alleged interpersonal conflicts and debt problems brought about by Depp’s awe-inspiring expenditures. These reportedly have included private islands, a 156-foot yacht, the maintenance of a large personal staff, many homes and a wine tab that has reached into the seven figures.

Despite having earned hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of his career, Depp’s big income apparently can’t keep up with his hunger for fine things and amazing experiences.

If you have a spending problem

What does a Hollywood star’s money woes have to do with you and your financial situation? You may not be splurging on mansions, paintings, rare guitars, bodyguards and booze, but perhaps you know you’re in over your head with big car payments, constant eating out, frequent clothing purchases or other non-necessities that may have sent your credit card or loan balances into the stratosphere. It can be painful and depressing to realize that you’ve been living beyond your means.

Spending too much doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or that you don’t work hard. But it may mean you’ve racked up debt that you can no longer afford to make payments on. If that’s the case, a well-planned bankruptcy filing might be the way to find relief and get a fresh financial start.

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