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A Successful Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Can Keep Your Business Alive

You hear about major corporations going through bankruptcy all the time. As a business owner, you probably think that your business is doing just fine and will never need to undergo that kind of fiscal transformation… Until it does. If your company is facing serious financial difficulty and is in danger of going under, filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be your best option to save it.

At Lefkovitz & Lefkovitz, we give you the tools you need to save your business. We understand that there are times when companies make bad decisions, are the victims of market circumstance or simply have a lack of financial oversight that ends up putting the company in debt. Fortunately, there are other options than shutting down and sending your employees home.

Our attorneys have helped hundreds of businesses, of all sizes, in Nashville and all over Tennessee reorganize and come out of business bankruptcy on a much stronger and safer financial footing. While bankruptcy may be difficult, it helps preserve jobs, keeps your community stable and can rebuild trust in your company when your customers and creditors see you turning over a new financial leaf.

What Will My Company Have To Do To Make This Work?

Chapter 11 was designed to help companies that are in debt reorganize to pay that debt off over time. If a company is too far in debt, the business owners may be left with nothing and the creditors may take ownership of the company, or the company may be liquidated to pay off the debt.

Our goal is to help your company survive and ultimately thrive after the bankruptcy is complete. We will review your company finances and look at all possible ways to solve your company’s financial problems. Our lawyers have extensive experience in Chapter 11 filings. If there is a way to get your business through this, we will find it.

You, as the business owner, will remain in control of your business during the bankruptcy. We will evaluate your current practices and recommend alterations that will allow you to service your debt while continuing to run your business. We will figure out where your business ultimately needs to be and guide you every step of the way until you get there.

Let Us Help You Create Better Financial Practices And Save Your Business

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