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The Dual Challenges Of Bankruptcy And Divorce: Get The Help You Need

If you are approaching both bankruptcy and divorce, do not despair. Your life may feel unstable but there is light at the end of the tunnel if you persevere with confidence, determination and good legal advice. You may have reached the conclusion that bankruptcy is necessary, and your marriage may be definitely headed for divorce or in the process of divorce. Debt relief along with family restructuring may ultimately provide the breathing space you need to get a fresh start. You will have the opportunity to start over free from pressures that have been difficult to cope with.

It is perhaps not surprising that bankruptcy and divorce often come along at around the same time. One spouse may have been overspending, racking up credit card debts for the sake of building a wardrobe, enjoying an active social life or fueling a hobby. A husband or wife may have fallen into a gambling addiction that started with seemingly fun visits to a casino. Worse, an extramarital affair may have led to spending aberrations that ultimately threaten a household’s financial health as well as social harmony. Indeed, it can prove challenging to separate out the issues that caused financial distress and/or marital breakdown.

When A Tennessee Divorce And Bankruptcy Occur One After The Other, You Need Reliable Legal Advice

What is sure in the face of marital dissolution and overwhelming debt is the need for qualified legal guidance. Your choice of a family law attorney and a debt relief lawyer can make a large difference in the ultimate outcome. If an attorney from Lefkovitz & Lefkovitz represents you in bankruptcy or debt settlement negotiations, we believe you will benefit from our experience and overall effectiveness.

We can help you explore the question of whether it is best to seek cooperation from your spouse or act on your own. We can help you determine when to file bankruptcy for the most positive impact on your ultimate financial well-being. Ideally, if you and your spouse work together, you may eliminate many debts before a divorce through a joint bankruptcy. Otherwise, you may need to go it alone, either before or after your divorce. We can guide you to the other side, regardless of where the chips fall in your case.

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If there is anything positive about debts and divorce, it is sometimes that an impending bankruptcy forces otherwise estranged spouses to dialog for the good of both rather than fight a bitter and costly court battle on the road to divorce. Our lawyers are well-prepared to help you take advantage of any avenue to a good outcome available in your case. We can show you how to approach your legal issues in practical, sensible ways. We can walk you through the process of bankruptcy in conjunction with divorce, with hope and confidence.

Contact us in Nashville to discuss issues related to bankruptcy and divorce. Our lawyers await your inquiry at 615-256-8300. You may reach us in Cookeville by calling 931-400-2218.

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