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Creditors Must Stop Harassing You Once You Have Filed Bankruptcy

If you’ve been behind on your bills for a while, you’re probably sick of the constant harassing phone calls and letters from your creditors, demanding that you pay them immediately or risk having your credit score damaged, or even worse, a lawsuit. You’ve probably told all of them that you don’t have the money, or you would have paid them back by now. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the harassment. Filing for bankruptcy will.

Filing any form of bankruptcy puts an automatic stay in place that immediately prevents creditors from continuing any form of communication with you, including those harassing phone calls and letters. It also puts an immediate hold on any legal actions a creditor may have started against you and prevents any new legal actions from being taken by any other creditor.

At Lefkovitz & Lefkovitz, our attorneys have helped thousands of people in Nashville and elsewhere in Tennessee stop creditor harassment by filing bankruptcy. What’s more, we have helped people who honestly believed their situation was hopeless find debt relief because we were able to look at their situation from all angles and find the right solution for their unique needs. We will do the same for you.

What’s To Stop My Creditors From Harassing Me After I’ve Filed?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), that’s what. It’s the law that prevents creditors from contacting you after you’ve filed bankruptcy. Once you are officially in bankruptcy, all inquiries from your creditors should come to us. If you’re contacted again, we can sue your creditors.

Our lawyers will sit down with you to discuss your financial situation and when you should file. We will take on the task of dealing with your creditors so you can have some peace and quiet as we work together to find the most effective way to help you get out of debt and on with a fresh start in your financial life.

Let Us Handle Complaints From Your Creditors

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