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Debt Negotiation And Settlements May Be Options

Not everyone with heavy debt burdens needs to file bankruptcy. In fact, many people should not file bankruptcy for various reasons. However, unmanaged debt can become problematic as interest rates and late payment feeds cause the debt to grow. Sometimes one, two or several debts can be resolved through direct settlement negotiations with lenders. In such cases, bankruptcy may become unnecessary.

Rest assured that if you work with Lefkovitz & Lefkovitz to find solutions for your debt challenges, our lawyers will not pressure you to file bankruptcy if it is inappropriate for you. If negotiating a debt repayment plan directly with one or more lenders is a good option in your case, we are well-prepared to help you formalize a workable agreement. We can handle the negotiations. We can formalize contractual agreements that may reduce your debt balance, lower or eliminate any interest rates, and establish affordable repayment plans.

Debtors are sometimes skeptical about the idea of asking creditors to reduce debt balances voluntarily. In fact, however, lenders may realize that a settlement agreement — even with a lowered balance — is much better than no repayment. They may wish to cut their losses and recover at least a portion of a debt rather than risk losing it all if the debtor files bankruptcy.

What about attorneys’ fees? Might fees make a settlement negotiation option too expensive to consider? Rest assured that if you work with Lefkovitz & Lefkovitz, we will devise a personalized fee structure that will still make it worth your while to have used our services.

Call Us Now To Discuss Debt Negotiation And Settlements As An Alternative To Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may be right for you, or it may not. Debt negotiations and settlement may be just right for your circumstances. An individualized financial evaluation can bring clarity to your dilemma over how to get true debt relief. We welcome your inquiry at our Nashville law offices. Call 615-256-8300 or call our Cookeville offices at 931-400-2218. Email us to schedule a consultation with a Tennessee debt relief lawyer.

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