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Five bankruptcy lies that you shouldn’t believe

Bankruptcy is a loaded topic. Many people have strong opinions about what it is and whether it’s even ethical. But since they may be missing important information about bankruptcy, lots of struggling consumers believe lies that keep them from enjoying the incredible benefits – we can call it financial magic – that a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing can unlock.Being in debt feels horrible, especially when the debt comes from something beyond your control, like an income loss, an illness or a divorce. Are you letting any of these lies hold you back from getting the debt relief you want?

Chapter 7 and your credit card debt: WHAT credit card debt?

Credit card debt can rack up quickly, especially if you've been through a job loss, a divorce, a medical problem or another serious difficulty. Seemingly overnight, your monthly payments can skyrocket, your interest rates and fees can explode, and debt can beget much more debt. It's a very stressful thing to have to deal with.

Life after Chapter 7: So WHAT if your credit is shot?

Being in serious debt is a lot like being in prison, emotionally . You may feel trapped and anxious for months or even years, with no relief. The overwhelming majority of Americans who are considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy are under financial stress because of medical expenses, a job loss, a divorce or another setback.

Problematic debt: 5 signs that Chapter 7 could improve your life

A serious debt problem can affect every area of your life. You may be consumed with anxiety about bills you can't pay. You may feel hopeless and come across as angry and irritable with your spouse, children or other family members. You may be exhausted and unable to be your real self. These are normal responses to high stress that you can't break on your own.

Filing for bankruptcy: What will my friends think?

Financial struggles can carry an embarrassing stigma that most of us would like to avoid. To some people, filing for bankruptcy is a horrifying idea that would make them look bad and seem irresponsible or weak in the eyes of their friends; to others, the difficulty is a more subtle sense of shame and guilt.

Your worst fears about bankruptcy: Are they based on reality?

Virtually everyone has an opinion about bankruptcy. Some people think it's a sign of weakness, laziness or irresponsibility. Others swear that it is a smart, perfectly legal way to contend with nasty creditors. Still others see bankruptcy court as a place in which to deal pragmatically with life-altering problems that are outside of their control -- problems like illness, divorce or a job layoff. What do you think about bankruptcy?

What bankruptcy CAN'T do for you as a consumer

If you’re reading bankruptcy blogs, it may be because you have an intractable debt problem. Maybe the problem is related to a divorce, a job loss, an expensive health issue, or a situation that seems like a business failure. Perhaps you’ve come to the realization that it’s impractical – or impossible -- to keep up with all your debt payments. Maybe it's time to consult a legal professional about how to get out from under the burden.

When shame overrides sanity: Your top 5 bankruptcy objections

Shame can be a powerful force in our lives, whether it's warranted or not. It can squash our dreams and lead us to defy logic and ignore our own good judgment. As bankruptcy attorneys, we see the power of shame in the lives of people facing excessive consumer debt: When the rubber hits the road, shame can keep us from seeking effective legal relief when we should. 

It's 2017, and medical costs still drive families into deep debt

We have the potential to thrive as a society. Yet, as the contentious political debates rage on, millions of Americans continue to struggle with the rising cost of health care. The New York Times recently quoted outspoken billionaire Warren Buffett, on the topic of tax as an impediment to business, as saying that “medical costs are the tapeworm of American economic competitiveness.” For some families, unforeseen medical expenses are indeed a destructive parasitic force that threatens to consume them financially.

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