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Chapter 13 and foreclosure: Does the bank actually WANT my house?

It's incredibly stressful to live in fear of imminent foreclosure. If you're behind on house payments, your mortgage servicer may have started the hostile letters and aggressive talk about selling your house out from under you. You may be terrified about what this means for your family, and you may thinking about filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to keep your house.

Can a Chapter 7 help you overcome your student loan problem?

Student loan debt has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. Millions of young people, along with lots of middle-aged folks and older adults, are struggling with huge student loan payments that are dominating their financial lives and causing them a good deal of stress.

Chapter 7 versus debt management plans (DMPs): Pros and cons

Nobody wants to stay immersed in the soul-crushing stress of debt, with its harassing phone calls from lowlife collection agents, the shame and embarrassment you feel and the fights it causes in your marriage or family. Whether the debt came from a divorce, a layoff, an illness or another unfortunate event, it doesn't really matter: When you're stuck in it, you just need to GET OUT.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Will I lose my money and my property?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a legal, constitutional way to discharge debt that you can't afford to pay off. Millions of Americans have used this type of bankruptcy, often called a liquidation, to get rid of credit card debt, medical bills and other burdens that were caused by circumstances beyond their control, and other tough circumstances.

The bankruptcy monkey trap: Letting go of that credit score

If you have been deeply in debt for a long time and you are still longing for a way out, you may already know in your heart that bankruptcy is the only viable solution. Maybe you're still clinging to the high credit scores you've always worked hard for. Your very stressful financial problem may be rooted in a job loss, illness or injury, a divorce, a business failure or another difficult life event.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy and foreclosure: Focus on the right things

Being in serious debt can cause a world of stress and anxiety for you and your family. The constant phone harassment from collectors, the threatening letters and the resulting loss of sleep can set you on edge and make it difficult to focus on work and family responsibilities, much less the recreation and fun you need to stay healthy.

Bankruptcy decisions: Do you really need to "save your home"?

Being in serious debt can bring on intense feelings of fear and even panic episodes. Many times, the debt is a result of a problematic life event like a job loss, a divorce, a medical crisis or a business failure. Above all else, many consumers lose sleep at the persistent thought of losing their home to foreclosure.

Chapter 7 and your credit card debt: WHAT credit card debt?

Credit card debt can rack up quickly, especially if you've been through a job loss, a divorce, a medical problem or another serious difficulty. Seemingly overnight, your monthly payments can skyrocket, your interest rates and fees can explode, and debt can beget much more debt. It's a very stressful thing to have to deal with.

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