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Serving all of Middle Tennessee’s Bankruptcy Needs

Due to precautions related to COVID-19, we have expanded our options for consultations. Please contact our office to discuss whether a full phone consultation, in-person meeting or video conference is appropriate for your situation.

You CAN Have Financial Freedom

At Lefkovitz & Lefkovitz, our attorneys have helped thousands of people find the right solution to their financial problems.


We Are Honest About What You Need, What Will Happen And How We Can Help

Our attorneys will guide you through the entire bankruptcy process, step by step.


If There Is A Solution To Your Problem, We Will Find It

We are not afraid to think outside the box to ensure that you get out of financial trouble.


We Take The Hard Cases No Other Lawyer Will Accept

Our law firm is known for handling complex bankruptcy cases that others are not equipped to undertake.


Your Well-Being Matters To Us

We want you to be able to emerge from bankruptcy ready to move on and thrive.


You CAN Have Financial Freedom

At Lefkovitz & Lefkovitz, our attorneys have helped thousands of people find the right solution to their financial problems.

You CAN Have Financial Freedom
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If you file for bankruptcy, we can save your bacon.

If You File For Bankruptcy, We Can Save Your Bacon.

We help individuals and businesses in Tennessee solve their money problems.

From The Simplest Cases To The Most Complex

Bankruptcy may seem straightforward. You are in debt, you need to get your creditors off your back, so you declare bankruptcy and do what you need to do to get your debts discharged.

For many people, this is exactly what happens when they decide it is time to get that huge financial burden off of their shoulders. For others, it is much more complicated. It may involve one or more businesses, debts that may be in the millions and many other issues that will require a lawyer with extensive experience in bankruptcy law.

Business Owner: Bankruptcy | Opportunities and Threats | Read Now

At Lefkovitz & Lefkovitz, we take the complex bankruptcy cases other law firms have to turn down. We have had hundreds of people come to us saying, “I’ve been told this can’t be done,” and yet our attorneys have found a way to make it work.

Our attorneys have helped thousands of people in Nashville and throughout Tennessee with everything from the most basic Chapter 7 bankruptcy to incredibly difficult cases that require in-depth knowledge, research and even litigation.


Steven L. Lefkovitz

“Someone once asked me who the most important person was I’ve ever represented, knowing that I’ve represented several very famous people. I answered, ‘The person sitting in my office right now.'”

– Steve Lefkovitz

Jay R. Lefkovitz

“As a third-generation law firm focusing on bankruptcy law, we have helped thousands of people successfully overcome enormous financial obstacles. We have learned that people are very resilient, if they have hope. I view each day as an opportunity to help people gain hope and optimism for their future.”

– Jay Lefkovitz

Jay R. Lefkovitz
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Why Our Clients Speak Highly Of Us

We take great satisfaction in helping people rebuild their lives and their futures. Why do clients recommend us to their friends and associates?

  • We are kind and compassionate
  • We are dedicated and hardworking
  • We take the time necessary to explain your legal options

Plus, we are diligent communicators and keep our clients up to date on the progress of their cases.